With new security threats identified daily, organizations struggle to maintain and update their firewalls. Our service addresses these challenges created by a lack of time, resources, and expertise.

Hosted Security specializes in Firewall Security Management Services. We partner with you to secure your business’s perimeter and internal network, identifying attacks, protecting your data, and reducing security risks.

Hosted Security’s team of certified, experienced and trusted security experts support your business through:

Reducing downtime and business costs due to Viruses or Malware

Reducing impact to business reputation by blocking SPAM and Phishing email attacks

Automating isolation if an infected device joins your network

Monitoring 24/7 to prevent costly outages and downtime

Monitoring and controlling Internet usage (bandwidth costs)

Securing remote access (SSL-VPN)

 Securing site-to-site communications (IPSEC / VPN)

 Segmenting Guest Wi-Fi access from the corporate network

 Responding to requests around-the-clock via our Service Portal

 Providing meaningful reports

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Whether you’re a business of 10, 100, or 1000 employees, we can help implement a solution that works.